Building a Luxury Home

luxury home builder

There’s something special about a new luxury home that a regular home does not offer, and lest we forget, it will be one of your most significant emotional investments ever. So, when you are building a luxury house, you need to work with a team of experienced builder professionals who understand your vision. Fortunately, one of Australia’s finest home builder is here.

Luxury homes are unlike regular homes—they have extraordinary attention to detail and design, both combined enhance your lifestyle. There’s nothing like a custom home built to your preference and taste, using the highest quality of materials and design elements. And we take this commitment to tailoring your home, along with our passion for excellence, and build you your dream home.

Luxury Home Builder

If you are looking for bespoke luxury homes in Australia, we are here to help. With our award-winning experience and highly skilled designers and artisans, we are reputed to be one of the prestigious home builders in the city. 

We are one of Melbourn’s leading luxury home builders who specialise in designing and building new luxury homes in some of the most upmarket neighbourhoods in Australia. When we build your dream home, we take a meticulous approach to guarantee that your new custom house feels like home and not just another house.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Luxury Home?

Our process begins with the design brief, where we gauge your expectations, lifestyle, and preferences. Then, we conceptualise your dream house, plan and contract the documentation, and present you with the contract. We don’t start digging the foundation until you are satisfied with the concept. 

The entire conceptualisation process takes nothing more than a few weeks. Once approved, we then start bringing your vision to life. 

We pride ourselves on our meticulous approach and attention to detail, and thus, we never rush a project. Depending on the scope of your project, the construction can take anywhere from 10 months to two years. 

What Does it Cost to Build a Luxury House?

The cost of building a custom home in Australia is an expensive investment, but we try our best to offer you the best value. However, we never compromise on quality. We choose the best materials and technology and only work with the best vendors and partners. 

So, the cost of your bespoke home depends on those factors, along with the scope of your project, additional bespoke features, your location, and other detail additions. However, the price of an average luxury house in Australia ranges from AUD 271,000 to AUD 1,125,000. 

Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

We are a leading home builder and Melbourne is our home turf. From Bayside to Glen Eira and Boroondara to Stonnington, we have built dream houses all over Melbourne. Every luxury house we have built in this city has been crafted for perfection, tailored to the client’s specifications, and constructed using the highest quality materials.

We have been offering bespoke custom home solutions in Melbourne for many years, and our team of excellent artisans and designers has earned us the title of Melbourne’s leading custom home builder. 

Luxurious Home Design

A few things define a luxury house design—open, flowing floor plan, seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor living spaces, gourmet and bespoke furniture and kitchen, and consistent thematic architecture. However, one thing that every dream home must have is a vision to back it. We, as your home builder, can bring that vision to life.

We use your vision to back our luxury custom home design, which sets us apart from our competitors. Whether you want a minimalistic villa, a traditional mansion, or a modern house, we can combine your vision with the best materials to craft your dream home. 

How Can I Make My House Luxurious?

Many of our clients often ask us how they can make their house luxurious. True luxury does not come from adding every modern feature and technology into your home; true luxury comes from designing a home that makes your life easier.

With this approach, we use the best technology and design elements that ease your lifestyle—all the while staying committed to high standards of quality and aesthetics. You can make your home luxurious by adding things that would make your life easier without compromising quality. The best way to make your home luxurious is by a top-notch, award-winning home builder, i.e., us. 

We use our expertise and your vision to build floorplans that embody all the best features of luxury and design, all specifically chosen and tailored to your lifestyle. We offer you complete end-to-end luxury home solutions, from early conceptualisation to tendering and from budgeting to handover. We accompany you every step of the way. We are your one-stop solution for your new luxury home design and building needs. Reach out to us now to bring your dream come true.